acoustic labs audio editor
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This section describes the application settings available in the Acoustic Labs Audio Editor. All settings can be accessed by selecting the "Settings" pulldown menu (visual aid item #1).

  • Audio Input / Output Settings
  • Temporary File Settings
  • Color Settings

  • Audio Input / Output Settings

    Audio Editor IO Dialog The Acoustic Labs Audio Editor supports multiple audio input and output devices. By default the Audio Editor will use whichever audio input and output devices Windows has set to be the default device. You can change this by selecting the "I/O Device Settings" option from the "Settings" pulldown menu. Selecting this option will bring up the dialog box shown to the right. As you can see, the dialog box allows for independent input and output settings. The drop down select box for the input devices contains all possible audio input devices installed on the system, likewise for the output device drop down select box. Simply select the desired device and press "OK" to start using that device. The Audio Editor will immediately route the audio to the correct device.

    Temporary File Settings

    Audio Editor Temp Dialog During any editing session the Acoustic Labs Audio Editor must store various amounts of audio data in files in order to have a working copy of the audio as to not destroy the original copy, as well as keep temporary files for the clipboard and undo and redo information. All of this information is stored in the temporary folder. To view what the temporary folder is set to simply select "Temp File Settings" from the "Settings" pulldown menu. This will display the "Temporary File Settings" dialog box as shown to the left. To choose a different folder to store the temporary audio data simply click the "Browse..." button. This will display a dialog box that will let you browse through your file system and select the folder you wish.

    Color Settings

    Audio Editor Colors Dialog At anytime you can change the color that the waveform and markers are displayed in by selecting the "Color Settings" option from the "Settings" pulldown menu. This will display the "Color Settings" dialog box as displayed to the right. The color settings allows for selecting from multiple colors for the waveform itself, the border of the waveform and the markers. Simply choose the colors you wish and press "OK" to apply the new color settings.