acoustic labs audio editor
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The following is an introduction to the Acoustic Labs Audio Editor. A basic explanation of the software and various ways it is used are included. A fully diagramed view of the Acoustic Labs Audio Editor can be seen here.

  • Description of the Acoustic Labs Audio Editor
  • People who use the Acoustic Labs Audio Editor

  • Description of the Acoustic Labs Audio Editor

    The Acoustic Labs Audio Editor is an easy-to-use, yet powerful, wave (WAV), MP3, WMA, OGG and PCM audio editor, player and recorder allowing users to open, edit, save and record audio files in any of these formats. The capabilities of the Audio Editor are perfect for creating and editing a variety of audio files and audio projects. Just some of the features of the Audio Editor include the ability to cut, copy, paste, amplify, mute, delete, reverse and apply various effects to audio. For more information on audio effects please see Section 6: Effect Operations of the Audio Editor Interface

    The Acoustic Labs Audio Editor also has a multiple document interface meaning that multiple audio files can be opened at one time. Each audio file's waveform will reside within a different window. This allows for easily copying and pasting audio from one audio file to another audio file.

    Simply by using the mouse to highlight and select certain regions of the audio waveform any of the editing features can be applied. Specific editing features are discussed in detail in the following sections of the documentation. The editing features are razor sharp. The user is allowed to zoom in and edit all the way down to the sample level. Depending on the audio quality parameters, this is usually less than one millisecond of granularity and is the lowest level one can view digital audio. The Acoustic Labs Audio Editor can also be used as an audio converter, allowing conversions between all supported audio formats. Full tag editing for any of the audio formats that support information tags is also included.

    People who use the Acoustic Labs Audio Editor

    The Acoustic Labs Audio Editor can be used for a wide variety of audio recording and editing needs. Our customer base is not limited to any specific group of audio enthusiasts. Due to the easy-to-use, yet powerful interface of the Audio Editor, our user skill levels range from absolute beginners to audio enthusiasts with many years of experience. Hobbyists to professionals from a wide variety of occupations and interests are content users of the Acoustic Labs Audio Editor and have found it to be an excellent tool.